Why Pine Street Legal?

Attorney Nancy Kanter has years of experience in helping clients fight for their consumer rights in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. Pine Street Legal, LLC is a unique law firm, combining extensive courtroom litigation experience with one-one-one legal attention from an attorney. Focusing on cases involving credit reporting problems and inaccuracies, debt collection abuse, identity theft, mortgage foreclosure defense, and credit card defense. Attorney Kanter offers advanced knowledge of the law and legal skills in providing counsel and representation in federal and state court cases, including arbitration and small claims. Attorney Kanter is a member of National Association of Consumer Advocates and The Bucks County Bar Association. She is an Accredited VA Claims Representative.

Credit Reporting Inaccuracies: we guide and assist consumers at every stage of a credit-reporting problem.
Debt Collection Abuse: representation for consumers who are the subject of debt collection abuse and harassment.
Identity Theft: we help identity theft victims and also assist clients with measures to avoid identity theft.
Credit Card Defense: if you are sued by a creditor or a debt collector, we will represent you at trial.
Mortgage Foreclosure Defense: representation for homeowners who are at risk of losing their home.

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