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Very Important For You To Know About Employment Reports

Did you ever apply for a job where part of the hiring process included the employer doing a background check on you? Or has your employer ever done a background check on you once you are in the job or seeking a promotion? This could also be called an employment report or background screening. This is different than the credit reports you know about that everyone gets from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion and there are many, many companies that provide this service. This type of report includes all kinds of information about you like criminal records history, public records and your past work experience. The bad news is that these reports can be filled with numerous reporting errors and those errors can cause you to be denied a job and fired from the job you are in already. The good news is that just like regular credit reports, employment reports are regulated by law and must conform to the following:

  • Employment reports must meet accuracy standards;
  • Before an employer can get the report, the individual must give permission to do so;
  • Employers have to give the individual a copy of the report and a summary of their legal rights before taking adverse actions such as not hiring or firing;
  • Employers have to notify the individual when he/she is not hired or fired because of the employment report;
  • Individuals are allowed to review and dispute inaccuracies on the employment report.

If you were not hired for a job or fired from one because of inaccuracies on your employment report, contact Pine Street Legal to help you fight for your legal rights.