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Fraud Alert For Active Service Members

Active Duty Service Members can help stop harm to their credit report from identity theft and other fraud when assigned to service away from their usual duty stations by initiating an Active Duty Alert. To add the alert, service members can call, go online or write to any one of the three major credit reporting agencies (Trans Union, Equifax & Experian). Once activated:

  • Lenders are notified about the alert on your credit file & following a request for credit, lenders must take reasonable steps to verify the requester’s identity before approving new credit.
  • The alert lasts 12 months or you can remove it sooner.
  • Your name will be removed for 2 years from nationwide credit reporting agencies’ prescreening lists for credit offers and insurance unless you request otherwise.

For more information contact The Office of Servicemember Affairs and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at consumerfinance.gov/askcfpb  . Contact Pine Street Legal at             (215) 345-9214 or pinestreetlegal.com if you or your service member relative is a victim of Identity Theft or other fraud.