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How Credit Report Errors Can Hurt Creditworthiness

Errors on your credit report can cause your credit score to go down. If that happens, the following may occur:

  • You are forced to pay much higher credit card interest rates;
  • Your car and home insurance rates goes up;
  • You may lose job opportunities;
  • You may be passed over for loan and credit offers;
  • Your government clearance may be affected;
  • Your home mortgage interest rates may be higher.

It is best to monitor your credit report to check for errors that can cause your credit score to go down. If you find information that is on your credit report that is inaccurate, be sure to dispute in writing that information to the credit reporting agencies. You should also monitor your credit score. You are entitled to request your credit score and while sometimes it is free, in most instances you will have to pay for it. Each of the three national credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, may have a different credit score and credit report for you because each uses their own databases. Because the results may vary, it is best to check all three a few times a year.

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